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Why Choose Us?

Our Goal

Even though we are emerging from the biggest recession the UK has ever seen, there is still a skill shortage in the building services industry. This is often the main factor restricting company’s expansion plans. Finding the right employee is key to any organisation and many agencies do not carry out a thorough scrutiny of candidates before submitting their CV as we do. We are different. At Mercer Ritchie our goal is to build trust and establish solid relationships with all our clients so that we understand your business and that you understand ours.

What we do before we put forward a candidate?

Where possible we will personally interview each candidate, spending time examining job histories and project experience. We will take copies of legally required documentation (e.g. ACS qualifications), take references and identify companies / positions that are of interest. This is so that when we do contact you regarding a specific candidate, you can be confident that we have verified their background, their specific interest in your company and that we are confident in their ability.

We won’t just E-mail a CV.

We are aware that there are many agencies who adopt the “throw enough mud, some of it will stick” approach and will e-mail you every CV that comes their way. We are different. As we make targeted approaches with quality candidates, we want our clients to understand that if we get in touch with them, then there is a good reason behind it.

We have agreements with many clients where in the first instance we will telephone them and discuss a candidate’s background. If there isn’t a requirement for this candidate we will not proceed any further. We will NOT just e-mail CV’s to every company on our database with the intention of hoping that it lands on the right desk at the right time.

Of course we appreciate that different companies work differently and therefore we can tailor the way we work accordingly.

We do not target our staff on interviews / calls.

The majority of agencies will target their staff on call volumes and number of interviews arranged. This leads to an environment where consultants will contact you with a view to only hitting their targets, therefore wasting your time. As our staff are not targeted on call volumes or interviews, you can rest assured that every call made and every interview arranged is worthwhile.